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Langland Bay

Langland Bay

Colin Smith / Langland Bay / CC BY-SA 2.0

Langland Bay is reminiscent of the french riviera and has kept its Victorian charm, even though most of its hotels have now been converted to other uses.  There is a golf course, tennis courts and old-fashioned Green beach huts which are available to rent in the summer months.  The bay is overlooked by a manor, Llan-y-Llan which was “built in the Scottish baronial style by the Crawshay family, the Merthyr Tydfil Ironmasters”, it has now been converted into apartments and is called the Langland Bay Manor.  The beach is joined at low tide to Rotherslade Bay and is only a separate beach at high tide when a spur of rock separates them.

There is a good restaurant overlooking the beach with indoor and outdoor seating.

The beach has both rock pools and sand and during the summer lifeguards are on patrol, it is a popular surfing beach for experienced surfers only.

This beach gets extremely busy when the weather is really sunny, this beach is the one along from Caswell Bay and you can walk along the coastal path to it.

Car parking fees in the Spring/Summer are 1hr £1.50, 2hrs £3, All Day £5

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